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1.  Biomaterials (DNA, Protein and polysaccharide): Structure and properties, DNA damage and repair,Self assembly and supermolecule, Interaction between biomacromolecules.
2.  Polymer materials: Structure and properties, Surface and interface, Crystallization and melting.
3.  Phase change materials for energy storage.
4.  Nano methodology: Atomic force microscopy (AFM), single-molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS), Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM), fluorescence microscopy (FM), Magnetic tweezers and Optical tweezers.
1.  Detect MutS/DNA binding for mismatch repair by AFM imaging (supported and directed by Prof. Paul Modrich)
2.  Build a method to detecting UV damage in single DNA molecules by AFM imaging (supported and directed by Prof. Paul Modrich)
3.  Direct Detect UVA damage to DNA captured by AFM imaging method (supported and directed by Prof. Piotr Marszalek)
4.  Measure mechanical changes of single-strand poly(dA) caused by UV radiation using single-molecule force spectroscopy methods (supported and directed by Prof. Piotr Marszalek)
1.  Six-year experience in using Atomic force microscopy for imaging and single molecule force spectroscopy, including 1-year working experience as application scientist in DI (VEECO Instruments).
2.  PCR, DNA/protein incubation, surface modification and bio-sample immobilization.
3.  FT-IR, Raman, UV-Vis, DSC, POM, XRD, TEM, SEM, ToF-SIMS, XPS.

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